Commercial Management

CSJ Commercial property management team has extensive experience in making your property investment perform to its optimum

By ensuring that both the day-to-day detail such as rent collection, service charge and facilities management are handled both efficiently and effectively, but also providing proactive advice on how to improve short and long term returns from your property portfolio.

Rent collection

The CSJ Commercial team is dedicated to ensuring that rent is collected on time and is processed and sent to clients as soon as possible. When occasionally rent is late or a tenant falls into arrears, CSJ Commercial will liaise with both tenant and Landlord to try and find a solution. Rent collected on behalf of Landlord’s is dealt with through specialist Property Management Software and dedicated Client bank accounts with every transaction recorded and monitored.

Landlord and Tenant relations

The CSJ Commercial property asset management team has a very diverse range of property under management but whatever the age, style or use of the building, the most effective way to enhance the property asset is by maintaining fully let properties and this is best done by building good relationships between landlords and their tenants.

CSJ Commercial strive to find solutions to problems which arise and take the role of facilitator in bridging differences of opinion or interpretation. Tenants who have confidence in their queries or complaints not only being listened to but taken seriously are more inclined to be flexible and to remain as tenants on a long term basis. For the landlord this provides continuity of occupation and therefore a more secure income and also saves money by not having to constantly re-let property and pick up void costs such as increased insurance, security and void rates whilst property is vacant.

Maximising asset potential

The CSJ Commercial property management team provides in depth advice on how individual property can be improved, be that physical adjustments, tenant mix or use changes to maximize the rental income both in the short and longer term. The better tenant covenant that can be achieved, even in secondary property, the better the yield the property will attract and therefore the higher potential value the asset can achieve. With the diverse nature of the portfolio under our management we are able to give advice across a wide range of possible improvements to all landlords, whatever the size of the portfolio.

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After what seemed to be an eternity of uncertainty, the 2018 EPC regulation changes have been finalised.


Prior to contacting a mortgage advisor, you may want to get an approximate idea of how much you can borrow. Once you have identified this figure, you can then establish what the stamp duty payable on a future purchase would be.

Commercial Services

In addition to let only services CSJ also offer a complete professional management package which is suitable for those landlords who wish to leave all the day to day management of their property to the professionals but still retain overall control on important expenditure decisions.


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